Who are we?  Rock Chapel is located in a small, southern town where things move at a slower pace (think Mayberry). As a congregation we don't run away from our long tradition of church picnics and church lunches to celebrate the holidays. We embrace the traditions that have enriched our past. Yet we also want to be a congregation that is moving forward, adapting to change. We recognize that every good idea did not originate in the distant past.

We are a congregation of believers who want to positively impact our community with the good news about Jesus Christ. To do this, we believe in majoring on the fundamentals- who Jesus is, what Jesus taught, and following Jesus's teachings. We believe in keeping the first things first. It is our purpose through worship and teaching to connect people to Jesus. Through a wide range of activities we also want to become more closely connected as a body of believers.

On a final note, Rock Chapel wants to be a safe place where people can grow in the faith. We want to be a church without walls, where all are welcome- married, single, single again, rich, poor, young, old-- it doesn't matter to us.  Often, people have been hurt by religion in their past and have negative impressions about "the church." At Rock Chapel, we want to be a place where hurt people can rediscover the joy of knowing God!