Thinking about visiting? We understand what it's like! The idea of walking into a room full of strangers makes everyone a bit nervous. You don't know what is going to happen to you. Will they ask us to introduce ourselves? Will they embarrass us while trying to make us feel welcome? Surely we won't have to wear a name badge!

Let us reassure you that none of those things will happen! We really want you to feel welcome but we are committed to avoiding embarrassing situations. We want Rock Chapel to be a safe place for you to encounter God, learn about Jesus, and meet others.

We want to be a place where everyone is welcome regardless of background . . . married, single, single again, rich, poor,  tattooed, no tattoos . . . it makes no difference to us. We believe that God loves people and so people matter to us.

When are the worship services?

Sunday Morning 10AM                     Wednesday 7PM

Sunday Evening 6PM

So what happens on Sunday mornings?

 While services differ to some degree each week, they always feature:

  • congregational singing (words are printed in the bulletin)
  • a choir special (except during a portion of summer)
  • special singing (soloist, duet, trio . . .)
  • a brief time of greeting
  • an offering (which we don't expect you to contribute to by the way.)
  • a pastoral prayer
  • the Bible read and taught 
  • a closing song (Sometimes people come forward to pray at the front of the church for a need during this song.)
  • communion on a quarterly basis

Is there anything I need to know about dress?

Things are pretty much come as your are on Sunday mornings. Some people wear their "Sunday best" but the majority of the congregation will be dressed casually.

How are Sunday nights different than Sunday mornings?

It is primarily a teaching service, with abbreviated worship. There are still congregational songs and often a choir song. There is also prayer and there may be testimonies from the audience. Most people who attend both services say the night service is more "laid back" and "informal."